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melt melted
end ended
rent rented
lift lifted
wind winded
land landed
nag nagged
hum hummed
pin pinned
jam jammed
tag tagged
rob robbed
jump jumped
mop mopped
hop hopped
kiss kissed
back backed
kick kicked
pin pinned
tap tapped
lift lifted
rent rented
bag bagged
rip ripped
nag nagged
cap capped
tug tugged
dim dimmed
jam jammed
sob sobbed
rented and dented
lifted and sifted
nagged and bagged
bugged and tugged
hopped and popped
sipped and dipped
hug hugger
kid kidder
win winner
set setter
tan tanner
wet wetter
sip sipper
big bigger
jog jogger
run runner
hot hotter
nag nagger
jogger is wetter
runner is tanner
tipper is bigger
winner is better
nagger is hotter
mopper is sadder
kick kicked kicking kicker
pack packed packing packer
kiss kissed kissing kisser
rent rented renting renter
jump jumped jumping jumper
mop mopped mopping mopper
rob robbed robbing robber
tug tugged tugging tugger
pet petted petting petter
tip tipped tipping tipper