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School #1 Goal
My number one goal as a teachcer is to help each student reach his or her potential.
Real #1 Goal
My number one goal as a Christian Teacher is being instrumental in planting the seeds of faith.
2 key elements to Petigogy
Reptition, Emotion
2 Intasc Standards
Student learning, reflection and personal development
4 concrete helps for employment
1. Aquire adjunct skills
2. Collect info on the district
3. Prepare a strong resume
4. Anticipate questions,
5. Demonstrate Reflectiveness
Explain teaching out of license
When teachers are teaching outside their recognized areas of expertise.
Teacher Empowerment/mediated entry
TE- The process of increasing the power of teachers and their role in determining school policies and practices.
ME-The preactice of inducting persons into a profession through carefully suprivised stages.
4 ways to avoid burnout
1. Eat properly
2. Have hobbies
3. Keep time with God a priority
4. Take vacations
5. Leave work at Work
3 advantages of early field experiences
1. Exposure to different teachers
2. Less nerves once you start
3. networking
2 reasons for/against NEA AFT
Con- lobbying for things I don't believe in
Child Depravity Theory
A theory that children, because of their sinful nature, need strict discipling to create a personal sense of order and civility
Teacher Empowerment
Pro-Teachers will have the oppertunity to teacher in their strength
Pro-Curriculum is more suited to the needs of individual classes
4 aspects agree/disagree ed pioneers
Disagree Rousseau-Child's innate goodness
Disagree Spencer-Practiced utilitarian and scientific subjects
Disagree Dewey- Scientific method,
Disagree Dewey-Pragmatism
4 changes of development
20% height
50% weight
Tailbones fuse
hormones fluxuate
3 characteristics of an effective ms teacher
1. Sense of Humor
2. Flexibility
3. Abilitiy to show unconditional love
2 safe learning environment
recognize and respond to diverse learners
allow for social interaction
(Philosophy) the world and everything in it is a laboratory for learning and students should learn mainly by being posed with problems they have to solve be interacting in a real-world setting.
Theory-All learning should center on the child's intrests and needs Views teachers as facilitators
Theory-back to the basics, maintaining that schools should concentrate on subjects that contribute to literacy and social efficiency
truth is universal and unchanging
skilled and knowledgable teacher
Critical theory
Theory-Karl marx and contends that dominant social and economic classes use schools to maintain thier control of society
Philosophy-institutions and people are constantly threatening a person's choice-making freedoms; therefore individuals should be free to choose the knowledge that s/he wishes to possess and be free to create one's own purposes for existence.
philosophy that recomends competency testing for both teachers and students