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What is the goal of the Chesapeake Bay Program?
To restore nutrients to the water
When will the Chesapeake Bay Program project be completed?
Around 2010
How can you get involved with the Chesapeake Bay Program?
Through a stakeholder involvement process
What are the two chemicals that cause acid rain?
SO2 and NOx
What part of the body do the chemicals that cause acid rain affect?
heart and lungs
What act regulates the emmisions of the hazardous gases that cause acid rain?
The Clean Air Act
What are the four primary recycling methods?
Curbside, deposit/refund center, drop off center, and buy back center
What are the three steps in the recycling process?
collection, manufacturing, and purchasing the recycled goods
How can citizens help the recycling process?
recycle at home and shop smart
What is the program used by hackers to send pop-ups?
Windows Messenger Program
What are two ways to prevent spam?
Get a firewall or disable Microsoft Messenger
What are two ways to get a firewall?
Newer machines come with them built-in or download one off the internet
What does the FCC regulate?
TV, radio, cable, ALL COMMUNICATIONS!!!
How is the Chairman of the FCC selected?
The president selects the chairman
How many staff offices are in the FCC?
10 staff offices
What is one bureau of the FCC?
Enforcement bureau
What does the enforcement bureau do?
responsible for enforcing the communication act and FCC orders
What does the media bureau determine?
what can be shown and said on TV
What does the wireless communications bureau do?
makes sure that everyone is able to use and has enough access to electromagnetic spectrum (cell phones, internet)
What does the wireline communications bureau do?
promotes universal phone service, local telephone service competition, broadband access