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person who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of a buisness in order to gain profits
a begining buisness entrepreneur
small buisness incubator
government funded agency that assists new buisnesses by providing advice or low rent building and supplies
extra supply of the items used in the buisness, such as raw materials or goods and services
income received from the sale of goods and/or services
sole proprietorship
one manager
unlimited liability
requirement that the owner of a buisness is personally and fully responcible for all losses and debts of a buisness
all items to which a buisness or household hold legal claim
two or more individuals managing a buisness
limited partnerships
special form of partners have lilited liability but no voice in mangement
joint venture
partnerships set up for a set time for a specific reason
a buisness managed by many people but treated like a person, taxes, property and so on
share of ownership in the coroperation that entitles the buyer to a certain of the future profits and assets of the corporation
limited liability
requirement in which an owner's responcibility for a company's depts is limited to the size of the owners's investment in the firm
articles of incorporation
documents listing basic information about a corporation that is filed with the state where the corporation will be headquarted
coroporate charter
lisence to operate granted to a corporation by the state where it is established
common stock
shares of ownership in a corporation that stockholders voting rights and a portion of preferred stock
portion of the corporation's profits paid to its stockholders
preferred stock
shares od ownership in a corporation that give stockholders a portion of future profits, but no voting rights
contract where one buisness sells to another buisness the right to use the franchiser's name and it's products