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Thomas Aquinas
Friar in Medieval Church
"God is the measure of all things" and "Man is the measure of all things"
Desiderius Erasus
Free will- you can choose or not choose salvation
Martin Luther
Bondage of Will
Salavation comes from faith alone
Rene Descartes
Rationalist- we are all born with basic knowledge
"Cognito ergo sum"
Immanuel Kant
Noumenal and Phenomenal Realities
George Hegel
Dialectical Process
Truth is always evolving
Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis
Aguste Comte
Theory of human history and progress
Theological stage: man is focused on supernatural deity and their involvement
Metaphysical stage: focus on abstract forces at work
Positivist stage: able to become positive, harness science and math to solve society’s problems
“Religion of Humanity” and “Social Physics”