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Forming a possible explanation for an event, a situation, or a problem.
Studying Contemporary Issues and Problems
Identifying a current topic frequently discussed in the media, reading several sources of information, and evaluating that information.
Comparing and Contrasting
Examining events, situations, or points of view for their similarities and differences.
Combining information and ideas from several sources or points in time to gain a new understanding of a topic or an event.
Problem Solving
The process of reviewing a situation, determining its troublesome elements and then making recommendations for improving or correcting them.
Assessing Consequences
Studying an action, an event, or a trend to predict or determine its long-term effects and to judge their desirability.
Identifying Values
Recognizing the core beliefs held by a person or group.
Taking a Stand
Identifying an issue, deciding what you think about the issue, and persuasively expressing your position.
Recognizing Point of View
Identifying the factors that color the outlook of a person or group.
Applying a Model
Depicting something in its ideal state and evaluating how well a specific example matches the ideal.
The process of breaking something down into its parts and examining the relationships among them.
Assessing the significance or overall importance of something, such as the success of a tax cut or the impact of a trade deficit on economic growth.