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the absence of spending
the dollars that become available when people abstain from consumption
a network of savers, investors, and financial institutions that work together and transfer savings to investors
financial system
claims on property and the income of the borrower
financial asset
financial institutions that lend the funds that savers provide to borrowers
financial intermediary
nondepository institutions that channel savings to borrowers
nonbank financial intermediary
examples of financial intermediary
life insurance companies, depository
examples of nonbank intermediary
real estate investments, finance companies
the outcome is not certain but probabilities can be estimated
amount borrowed when getting a loan or issuing a bond
formal contract to repay borrowed money and interest on the borrowed money at regular future intervals
loans investors make to financial institutions
certificate of deposits
the distribution of money amoung investors
the person that buys stocks and shares
statistical series of 30 representaive stocks used to monitor price changes on the New York Stock Exchange
Dow-Jones Industrial Average
statistical series of 500 stocks used to monitor prices on the NYSE, American Stock Exchange, and OTC market
Standard & Poors 500
system with some government involvement
modified free enterprise conomy
conversion of state-owned factories