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16th Amendment
the amendment that gave the government the right to tax.
New Deal
Roosevelt's propgram that put millions of people to work on government projects
a general rise in the process of goods and services
labor unions
groups of workers who band together safety, pay, and hours
What kind of economy does the U.S have?
mixed economy
The Growth of Global Economy uses?
What is FebS?
12 federal reserves banks across the country
monies that governments collect from individuals and businesses
What are three economic sectors?
Household, Businesses, and Government
exists when one company or a small group of people control the supply of all, or most of, a particular good or service
Law of Demand
when the price increases people buy less, when th price decreases people but more.
Law of Supply
when price increaes more of the product is made when it decreases less of the product is made.