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a common business in the U.S.. One person owns and runs business, easy to start
sole proprietorship
a business jointly owned by 2 people where all partners are responsible for management and financing
general partnerships
a partnership in which at least one member of it is not active in the daily running but contributes financially
limited partnership
form of business organization recognized by law as having all the rights of an individual.
where 2 or more businesses that produce the same product combine
horizontal merger
when businesses involved in different steps of manufacturing or marketing join together
vertical merger
a firm that has at least 4 businesses that make unrelated products
corporation that has manufacturing or service operations in a number of different countries
mulinational corporation
operates in a businesslike way to promote the collective interests of its members rather than making money
nonprofit organization
voluntary association that buys bulk amounts of goods such as food and clothing on behalf of its members. Consumers offer their services to keep costs down.
Coonsumer Cooperative
provides services such as insurance, creit, and baby-sitting
service cooperative
helps members promote or sell their products
producer cooperative
organization of workers formed to represent its members interests in various employment matters
labor union
negotiating with management over issues such as pay, workinghours, healthcare coverage, life insurance, vacations.
Collective bargaining
promotes welfare of its members and the community, sponsors education programs, cleanup campaigns, etc.
chamber of commerce
nonprofit organization sponsered by local businesses to provide general information on companies
bettter business bureau
investor or municipal owned companies that offer important products to the public. water electric service...
public utitilites
group of people in a specialized occupation that works to improve the working conditions, skill levels, and public perceptions of the profession.
professional association