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amount of home buyer's own money required by the lender for the purchase of a home
down payment
insurance that pays off a mortgage if the borrower defaults
mortgage insurance
fees charged by a lender at the time it grants a mortgage
laws establishing a maximum legal interest rate
usury laws
expenses paid at the time that a loan is finalized and the title is conveyed to the buyer
closing costs
mortgage loans on which interest rates are periodically adjusted
variable rate mortgages
taxes levied by local governmnets to fund services such as education and plice protection
property taxes
insurance that covers the replacement cost of a house and its contents
homeowner's insurance
conversion of low-cost apartment into middle- and upper-middle-class housing
a legally set maximum rent on an apartment
rental ceiling (rent control)
prices regulated by the government
administered prices
housing units owned and operated by a local public housing authority but federally subsidized and often federally regulated
public housing
government payments to landlords who build housing for the poor
subsidies to developers
amount determined by HUD ot be reasonable rent for low-income housing
fair market rent
ousing subsidy in the amount of the difference between fair market rent and 30% of a poor famil's income
housing voucher
measure of segregation
index of dissimilarity