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Why culture is important for understanding global economy?
Culture is central along with societal beliefs. All cultures are dying to be like ours (democracy)
value for strong domination of nature
design programs so domination of nature isn't harmful, global warming
atomistic conception of the world
problems seeing big picture. knowing more and more about less and less. break up world into individuals
flowing time
hustle before it gets by. Real Time
Dualistic Thought
How do they fit together, supply and demand.
Dynamic Expansiveness
"I would rather do something wrong than do nothing at all." Act, worry about problems later
Other cultures hold other expansiveness attitudes.
constant hostility
Global Politics are multipolar and multicivilzation
Two dimensions in west, multipolar system within west and domination of other peoples outside the west. Then Cold War period. East began to have control. China became economic powerhouse, with political and military power following. India as well ready for economic take off and population surge among Muslims spurred "Islamic Resurgence" Everyone wants to be like the west.
The West is in decline
Military activity due to wrong headed policy. Wealth is misleading US. Non westerners have choice of being like west or not.
Land reform necessary
If government and big business are in charge of all of the land hunger will never cease. The crops will continue to be sold to the highest bidder instead of the people that need it most. The book states that the US exports a lot of produce to Israel, an ally of ours instead of other countries that need it more.
Using the Drawing, explain two sets of relationships among components...
Technology, which is a combination of tools skills and knowledge depends on institutions which can be inconsistent with old social beliefs.

Personal Attitudes are defined as how they program us. We react to social institutions, when they raise or lower prices for instance.
Huntington's Main Thesis
The preservation of the United States and the West requires the renewal of Western identity. The security of the world requires acceptance of global mulitcuturalism