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Surface fire
minimum effects - sweep rapidly over the ground; consume litter and herbs, kill stems of shrubs and scorch tree bases
Crown fire
very destructive - spread rapidly through the canopy; kill most above ground vegetation
Ground fire
most destructive - flameless, subterranean fire; burn slowly for long periods
Ecological effect of fire on physical environment
release inorganic nutrients
modify light, temperature and moisture condition
Ecological effect of fire on plants
modify or maintain community structure by: favor herbaceous plants over woody plants
favor shade-intolerant over shade-tolerant species
Ecological effect of fire on animals
create or maintain suitable habitat for many species
Some fire adapted and maintained ecosystems
temperate prairie
longleaf pine forest in the southeast
chaparral in California
tropical grassland and savannah in East Africa
Factors effecting fire
ignition source and its timing (lightning)
environmental condition