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The role of an organism in its ecosystem is called its _____.
The extinction of a population that failed to compete successfully for a limited food source is called _____.
Competitive exclusion
A(n)_____ is an organism that maintains high biodiversity in its habitat by limiting the populations of its prey.
Keystone Predator
The process of change in a population of organisms over time is called _____.
Different species that have adapted similarly in similar niches are examples of _____.
Convergent Evolution
Two species that interact closely with each other change in ways that are to their mutual benefit through the process of _____.
The increase in an organism's population when conditions and resources are not limiting follows a pattern of _____.
Exponential Growth
When a population reaches its _____, population size levels off.
Carrying Capacity
The larger a population becomes, the more its rate of growth is affected by ______.
density-dependent limiting factors
Regardless of population size, _____ curb population growth.
Density-independent limiting factors