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Two types of evolution
anatomical, physiological
define nutrients
raw materials that organisms need to live
What did Narkarni explore?
rainforest canopy
What did davis study?
pollen in lake sediment
Who was the boilerplate rhino a gift from?
ultan Muzafar II of India to King Manuel I of Portugal
Who did king manuel pass the rhino off to?
Pope Leo X
What factors does ecology study?
distribution and abundance
What does environmentalism include that ecology doesn't?
opinion and ethics
What did Jansen Study?
guanacaste in Costa Rica
define natural history.
study of how organisms in a particular area are influenced by factors such as climate, soil, predators, competition, and evolution history
When are the equinoxes?
Mar 21 Sept 22
Name the winds in order N to S.
polar easterlies, westerlies, NE trade, SE trade, Westerlies, Polar easterlies
what are the layers of soil?
What is in O?
organic horizon
What is in A?
minerals, clay, silt, sand
What is in B?
clay, humus, roots
What is in C?
weathered parent material
What is the palmer drought severity index?
shows extremes of wet and dry
When are the solstices?
june 21 and dec 21
What is the scale of a climate diagram?
10 degrees C = 20 mm rain
What are the degrees of the tropical dry forest?
What are the degrees of the tropical savanna?
How long can polar bears go without food?
5 mos
Give an example of an exaggeration from the video.
All animals depend on sun
Why do sharks migrate?
for seasonal abundance of seals
What are the zones of the ocean?
littoral, neritic, epiplagic, mesoplagic, bathoplagic, abyssal, hadal, benthal
What are gyres?
wind driven currents
how much sun is absorbed in the first 10 m of sea?
What is upwelling?
deep h20 to surface
define thermocline.
temperature changes rapidly w/ depth to thermal stratisfication
Where can you find salt marshes and mangrove forests?
at estruaries and transition from land to sea
define river discharge
amt of water carried
how is oxygen conc related to temp
describe an oligotrophic lake
well mixed, well oxygenated, low bio productivity
describe an eutrophic lake
not well mixed, little oxygen, high bio productivity
What percent of earth is covered by water?
What percent of earth's water is fresh?
define endemic
no representatives on land
What does bioaccumlation lead to?
What are three types of reefs?
fringing, barrier, atoll
What are reefs limited by?
temp and nutrients
What is semidiurnal
2 periods of low and high tides daily
1 low or high tide per day
What is the structure of the littoral zone?
supratidal, upper lower subtidal
what is the highest water fall?
angel falls
where is angel falls located?
how do japanese salamanders catch prey?
sense change in water pressure
why do salmon swim upstreatm?
fewer predators for eggs
What are the three largest lakes?
malawi (3) balkow (2) Victoria (1)
What are makacks?
monkeys that fish for fallen food
What fraction of sea life do reefs have?
How do bottlenose dolphins catch fish?
ride waves on shore
how much oxygen do algae make?
3/4 oxygen in atmosphere
What effects microclimate?
altitude, aspect, vegetation, ground color, boulders, burrows, aquatic temp
Wpotential plant=
WP solutes + WP neg leaf pressure + WP matric
Water internal water
W food + W drink + W air - W evap - W secretions
Internal water of plants =
W roots + W air - W transpiration - W secretions
rainfall of tropical rain forest
Difference between tropical dry forest and tropical savanna
shorter wet season
% of desert on earth
do temperature grasslands have periodic droughts?
What biome do large roaming animals prefer?
What lat are deciduous forests?
Where is the boreal forest?
northern hemisphere only
Does tundra get rain?
yes, 200-600 mm per year although mostly frozen
What is the diff between tundra and taiga?
taiga has woody vegetation and lower elevation
what is a limnetic zone?
open lake
What are the layers of the limnetic zone?
epilimnion, metalimnion, hyplimnion
how is oxygen correlated with temp?
what causes upwelling and downwelling
gravity wind coriolis
what is relative humidity?
water vapor density/saturation of h20 vapor density x 100
define water potnetial
capacity of h20 to do work
what is metabolic water
water released during cell respiration
zones below benthic (2)
hyporheic- between ground water and
phreatic- ground water