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The Great Lakes alone contain at least______introduced species?

Give 1 example.

Zebra Mussels
Life has existed on Earth for how many years?
3.8 B.Y's
Human kind has been present on Earth for how many years?
800k years
How old is the Earth?
4.5 B.Y.O.
What is a highly developed country? Give 3 examples. What pop. lives in these countries?
The "haves".

USA, most of Europe and Japan.

20% of the population
Poor countries are broken down into what 2 categories?
moderatly developed and less developed countries. (MDC'S/LDC'S)
What pop. lives in the MDC'S/LDC'S?
What is poverty?
A condition in which people cant meet basic needs for food, clothing or shelter
What is consumption?
is the human use of materials and energy
What is an ecological deficit?
humans require more land than what is available.
how many acres of productive land and water is available on earth?
28.2 billion acres