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The biotic community and its abiotic environment?
The primary focus of ecosystem ecology.
Exchange of energy and matter.
In the the simplest of terms, all eocsystems, both terrestrial and aquatic, consist of three basic components.
Autotrophs (primary producers), heterotrophs (consumers and decomposers), and nonliving matter (soil, sediments, particulate matter, and dissolved organic matter).
What is the driving force behind the ecosystem?
The energy of the sun.
Energy exists in what two forms?
Potential (stored energy) and Kinetic (energy in motion).
What is the first law of thermodynamics?
Energy is neither created nor destroyed.
When energy from the outside is put into a system to raise it to a higher energy state, the reaction is what?
When energy is lost from the system into the surrounding environment, the reaction is what?
When potential energy degrades into a form incapable of doing further work, it ends up as heat and the measure of this disorder is what?
What is the second law of thermodynamics?
When energy is transferred or transformed, part of the energy assumes a form that cannot pass on any farther.
How do annuals begin their life cycle in the spring?
Germination of overwintering seeds.
What is the life cycle of annuals?
Photosynthates are first allocated to the leaves. Leaves in turn, become involved in photosynthesis, which replenishes the supply of photosynthates and increases plant biomass. At the time of flowering, the plant decreases the amount of energy allocated to leaves and diverts most of tis photosynthesis to reproduction.
What are the factors that control the production of energy?
The Climate, nutrients, and disturbances.
Primary production varies within an ecosystem with?
Age and Time.
What is referred to as net primary production?
The energy available to the heterotrophic component of the ecosystem.
The energy left over from maintenance and respiration goes into production, including both the growth of new tissue and the production of young is known as?
Secondary Production.
Within an ecosystem, what are the two major food chains?
Grazing and Detrital.
What is the source of energy in the grazing food chain?
Living plant biomass of net production.
What is the source of energy in the detrital food chain?
Dead organic matter or detritus.
True or false? Food chains show energy flow and we lose some energy at each level.