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Describe biogeochemical cycles?
Law of conservation of matter and energy
Biogeochemical cycles are maintained due to what law?
matter and energy
The energy stored by the organisms in a particular trophic level is what percent of that stored by those in the level below it?
10 %
What is the difference between a carnivore and an herbivore? Be able to give examples of each
Bob cat , coyote, snake , herbies are rabbit, deer , cow
• Define the term half-life-
how long it takes for half of the isotope to decay
What was the first living thing on Earth?
Prokaryote like cyanobacteria
• Current evidence supports that idea that eukaryotes evolved from what types of organisms?
Prokaryotes through the process of endosymbiosis
Name the organelles that are believed to be symbiotic eubacteria.
- Chloroplast
slow steady change in the fossil record
Punctuated equilibrium
long periods of no change followed by periods of rapid species formation
• Did Darwin discover evolution?
What was Darwin’s main contribution to the idea of evolution?
Discovered a mechanism to explain HOW species could change overtime