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the mean distance that all the points fall from the mean
standard deviation
molecules spread from high to low concentration until they are equally distributed
simple diffusion
determine whether an organism tends to lose or gain water from its environment.
The tendency of water to move down concentration gradients, and the magnitude of those gradients,
Relative humidity =
Partial pressure due to water vapor
Pressure exerted by water vapor in air saturated by water.
(likely to be at or near saturation) will be greater when there is a high VPD
Evaporated water loss from organisms
Water is more concentrated in ________ environments
________ ________(and all cells) can be viewed as an aqueous solution bounded by a selectively permeable membrane floating in an another aqueous solution.
aquatic microrganisms
Water activity =
Water vapor pressure solution/Water vapor pressure pure water
When a semipermeable membrane is involved we call this special case of diffusion . Note that the solute cannot cross the membrane
Body fluids and external fluid are at the same concentration.
Body fluids have a higher concentration of water and a lower concentration of solute than the external environment.
Body fluids have a lower concentration of water and a higher concentration of solute than the external environment.