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What is the age range included in Early Childhood Education?
The age range includes: birth through age eight.
What may "early childhood" programs be referred to as? (9)
They may be referred to as: early childhood programs, early childhood education, child development programs, children's centers, child care centers, preschools, kindergartens, primary schools, and elementry schools.
What terms are used to describe the people who are involved in the care and education of young children? (6)
The terms used to describe these people are: teacher, early childhood educator, early childhood professional, practitioner, caregiver, and provider.
What is a teacher?
A person who has completed a course of specialized early childhood training and who works with children between ages 2 and 8 in a school or child care center.
What are caregivers/providers?
These terms refer to those who work with infants and toddlers or people who work in home settings.
Can early childhood educators and practitioners be used interchangeably?
What are three tasks of an "early childhood educator"?
They must: work with children, work with families, and be part of a team.
What areas of development must you be concerned with?
Social, emotional, intellectual, and physical.
What is this attention to the overall development called?
"Concern for- the whole child"
Why is it important to be able to work with families?
Because young children can not be seperated from their families. Early childhood programs are often the first time these children spend time away from their families. You must be able to help with the transition process.
What are some attributes of a good teacher? (5)
Positive outlook, energy, physical strength, sense of humor, flexibility, self-understanding, emotional stability, warmth, and sensitivity.
Referred to as an individuals behavioral style and characteristic ways or responding.
An oversimplified generalization about a particular group of people.
Is an oppinion, or feeling formed without adequate prior knowledge, thought, or reason.