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Perlatum est corpus Clodii ante primam noctic horam, infimaeque plebis et servorum maxima multitudo magno luctu corpus in atrio domus positum circumstetit.
The body of clodius was brought in before the first hour of night, and a huge mob of the most vile plebeians and slaves stood with great mourning around the body which had been placed in the atrium of the house.
When was the body of Clodius brought in, who followed, and where was it placed?
Augebat autem facti invidiam uxor Clodii Fulvia, quae cum effusa lamentatione vulnera eius ostendebat
Moreover, Fulvia, the wife of Clodius, who was pointing out his wounds with unrestrained weeping, was increasing the anger at the deed.
What does Clodius's wife do?
Maior postera die luce prima multitudo eiusdem generis confluxit, compluresque noti homines visi sunt.
At first light on the following day, a greater crowd of the same kind flocked together and several distinguished men were seen there.
What happened the day after Clodius's body was mourned? Who was there?
Eisque hortantibus vulgus imperitum corpus nudum as calcatum, sicut in lecto erat positum, ut vulnera videri possent in Forum detulitet et in rostris posuit.
And with their encouragement the ignorant mob carried the naked and trambled body into the Forum just as it was placed on the bier, so that his wounds were able to be seen and placed it in the rostra.
Where did they bring the body and how did they set it up?
Ibi pro contione Plancus et Pompeius, qui competitoribus Milonis studebant, invidiam Miloni fecerunt.
There, before a public meeting, Plancus and Pompeius, who were supporting the political rivals of Milo, brought hatred to Milo.
What happened at the public meeting? Who did what?
Populus, duce Sex. Clodio scriba, corpus P. Clodii in Curiam intulit cremavitque subselliis et tribunalibus et mensis et codicibus librariorum, quo igne et ipsa quoque Curia flagravit, et item Porcia Basilica, quae erat ei iuncta, ambusta est.
The people, under the leadership of Sextus Clodius, the scribe, brought the body of P Clodius into the senate house and burned it with benches and platforms and tables and the sectaries ledgers. Because of this fire, the senate house itself was also burned, likewise the Porcia Basilica, which had been connected to it.