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ambulamus in agris
we are running in the fields
sedet sub arboribus
she is sitting under the trees
saltat cum lupis
he dances with wolves
nolo purgare cubiculum
I don't want to clean the room
vexatis patres
y'all are annoying the fathers
noli excitare magistram
don't wake the teacher (fem)
sedent propre ianuam
they are sitting by the door
laborat in urbe
he is working in the city
portat filium ex urbe
he is carrying his son out of the city
portant libros in scolam
they are carrying books in school
Cur scribas epistulas?
Why are you writing letters?
Ubi navigamus ad Italiam?
When do we sail for Italy?
Ubi surgis?
When do you get up?
Servos reprehendere vult.
He wants to scold the slaves.
Noli portare libros ab scola
Don't carry books away from the school.
Currit e cubiculo.
She runs out of the room.
Arbores amo ascendere.
I love to climb trees.
Spectare saltatores amasne?
Do you love to watch dancers?
Cantorem audisne?
Do you hear the singer?
Magistrum auditisne?
Do y'all hear the teacher (male)?
Scribit magnum librum.
He is writing a big book.
Legunt libros in scolam.
They are reading books in school.
Cantatis bene!
Y'all sing well.
Marce, quid facis in silva?
Marcus, what are you doing in the woods?
Sexte, cur non redis ad urbem?
Sextus, why don't you return to the city?
Discipuli et discipulae, attendite!
Students, pay attention!
Quid faciunt in agris?
What are they doing in the fields?
Videtisne puerum?
Do y'all see the boy?
Amo ambulare per silvam.
I like to walk through the woods.
Necesse est discedere.
It is time to leave.
Non necesse est clamare.
It is not necessary to shout.
Quaeso, parate larborare.
Please, prepare to work (y'all).
Scribo epistulam.
I am writing a letter.
Sedet sub mensa.
H is sitting under the table.
Vult habitare cum servis.
He wants to live with the slaves.
Lupus defessus ex arbore cadit.
The tired wolf falls out of the tree.
Quid facimus in scola hodie?
What are we doing in school today?
Cum ordinatoribus laboramus.
We are working with computers.
Gemitis magnas voces.
Y'all groan in loud voices.
Defessi servi sub arboribus dormiunt.
The tired slaves are sleeping under the trees.
Noli vexare me, os porcus!
Don't annoy me, pig face!
Volo docere lupos cantare
I want to teach wolves to sing
Ire Romam visne?
Do you want to go to Rome?
Latinum legere temptat.
He/she tries to read Latin.
Cogitare discipuli tempant.
The students try to think.
In camera discipulae currunt et clamant.
The students (fem) run and shout in the room.
Pater eius ad Italiam ire parat.
His/her father prepares to go to Italy.
Discipuli et discipulae bonum cibum coquere parant.
Students (masc and fem) prepare to cook good food.
Discipulae! Nolite dicere ubi doceo!
Students! Don't y'all speak when I'm teaching!
Quaeso, noli ludere cum amicis ubi legemus Latine.
Please, don't play with your friends when we are reading Latin.
Latinum librum legere potestisne?
Can y'all read a Latin book?
Cantare potesne?
Can you sing?
Scribere musicam possum.
I can write music.
Feles amo. Amasne?
I love cats. Do you love (them)?
Amice, noli lacrimare!
Friend, don't cry!
Ubi eo Italiam, multas epistulas vobis scribo ab Roma.
When I go to Italy, I (will) write you many letters from Rome.
Vobis sententias scribo.
I am writing sentences for y'all.
Nobis necesse est scribere multos exercitios.
It is necessary for us to write many exercises.