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What is public key infrastructure?
A collection of software comp0nents and operational policies that govern the distribution and use of public and private keys, using digital certificates.
What keys are contained in Public Key encryption?
Public and Private.
What is the rule for data encrypted with public keys and vice versa?
If you encrypt data with a public key, it cannot be unencrypted with that public key, nor can data enrypted with a private key be decrypted using that private key.
How can you be sure that your encrypted message cannot be opened by someone to whom you did not intend to send it?
The facat that your public key successfully decryptts a message encrypted with a private key proves who it comes from.
What is a hash (checksum)?
Most PKI systems create a hash from the message and then encrypt only the hash using the private key. The hash is a digital summary of the message created by removing redundant bits according to a specialized hash algorithm.
How can you be sure that anyone can't duplicate your public key and then distribute a public key using another person's name which will allo0w the impostor to reeive encrypted messages not intended for him?
Windows Server 2003 and other PKI systems use digital certificates.
What is a digital Certificate?
A document that verifiably associates a public key with a particular person or organization.
How do you obtain a public key?
You must obtain a certificate from an administrative called a Certification Authority (CA)
Who is a CA?
It can be a third-party company that is trusted to verify the identies of all parties to a transaction.
How do you obtain a CA?
Eitehr a manual process with the user explicitly requesting that a CA issue a certificate or an automatic one with an applicatin requesting and obtaining a certificate in the backkground as part of its normal function or
What is the process for using a CA?
The CA issues a public key and a private key as a matched pair. The private key is stored on the user's computer in encrypted form, and the public key is issued as part of acertificate.
What is a certificate?
It is essentially a carrier for the public key and related information. It facilitates the distribution of the key to the people who need it.
What is Version in a certificate?
Identifies the version of the x.509 standard used to format the certificate.
What is the Serial number attrbute of the certificate?
A value assigned by the CA that uniquely identifis the certificate.
What is a Signature algorithm identifier?
Specifies the algorithm that the CA used to calculate the certificate's digital Signature.
What is the Validy Period of a CA?
The period of time which the certificate is valid.
What is the subject name of a cA
Specifies the name of the entity for which the certificate is issued.
What are the 6 attributes of a cA?
Version, Serial Number, Signature Algorithm identifier, issuer name, valididty period, subject name
What is the most common occasion for encountering certificates?
When you download software from the internet and Microsoft Internet Ecployer displays a Security Warning dialog box which prompts you to confirm that you want to install the software.
What is the purpose of a cA?
It insures that the softwre downloads are from the manufacturer and was not tampered with along the way.
What decides whether to use a PKI or deploy your own CA?
Depends on whether the parties involved work for the same company or different ones. Inside - your own CA/ External - use commercial CA
What are the tasks performed by the PKI?
Publish Certificates, Enroll clients, Use certificates, Renew certificates, Revoke certificates.
What is a certificate of revocation list?
A list published at regular intervals, to inform the other systems on the network of certificates they should no longer honor.
What does planning a PKI consist of?
Defining the certificate requirements, Creating a CA infrastructure, Configuring certificates.
How do you Determine what your client's security needs are?
How certificates can help yu provide that security, which users, computers, services and applications will use certificates and what kind of certificates you need
What applications are suppored by Windows Server 2003 PKI?
Digital Signatures, Internet authentications, IP Security (IPSEC), Encrypting File System (EFS) user and revery certificates, secure e-mail, smart card logon, software code signing, Wireless netowrk authentication.
What is IPSEc?
IP security extensions which allow you to encrypt and digitally sign communicatins in order to prevent them from being compromised as they are transmitted overe a network
What is EFS?
It enables user to store data files on adisk in encrypted form in order to prevent other users from accessing it.
What is the best practie when defining the certificate security requirements for your network?
Create a small set of security definitions and apply them to your users and computers as needed.
What is Basic Security Level?
Applies to most users in the organization, uses certificates to provide encrypted e-mail and EFS services.