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Define Sensitivity?
proportion of people w/ disease who have a + test.
what is a high Sensitivity test?
a test that is unlikely to produce false negatives
Define Specificity (Sp)
Specificity (Sp) is the proportion of people free of a disease who have a negative test
what is a High Specificity test
unlikely to produce false positives
Define positive Predictive Value?
% of pt. who test positive who actually have the disease
what affects + Predictive Value?
prevalence(change in different populations)
A rare disease would have low +PV, even with high Sp and Sn tests!
what is likelihood ratio?
“efficiency” of a test
The likelihood that a test result would be expected in a pt with the target disorder compared to the likelihood that the same result would be expected in a patient w/out that disorder. A RATIO!
can prevalence affect LR?
when is LR useful?
1. Less likely to change with prevalence.

2. Useful when choosing a test or interpreting test results.