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What is Evidence Based Medicine?
The conscientious explicit and jucidicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individuals.
What are the 5 A's?
1. Ask a clinical question
2. Acquire the best evidence
3. Appraise the evidence
4. Apply the evidence
5. Assess the efficiency and effect of EBM
PICO stands for:
What do you have to do when acquiring evidence?
Match the resource with the question type
What is the highest level of evidence?
A systematic review
What is a systematic review?
A summary of the medical literature using explicit methods, a systematic search and critical appraisal.
What is the goal of a systematic review?
To minimize bias and random error
What is a Meta analysis?
A subset of SRs
How is a systematic review different from a literature review?
Lit reviews are not exhaustive summaries of the world lit on a topic; SRs are.
What is the highest resource for EBM evidence?
What is lowest?
How do you appraise the evidence?
Use skills from 1st half of the course.
Where do you find EBM levels of evidence?
In the Oxford centre chart
What is a clinical practice guideline?
A systematically developed statement to assist practitioners and patients in making appropriate healthcare decisions for specific clinical circumstances.