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Identify minimum requirements for aircrew PPE.
Helmet, safety boots, aramid gloves/suit,ID tags, knife/sheath, survival kit, signal device, radios/beacons, flashlight, ANTI-exposure/blackout suits, inflatable life preserver, Laser Eye Protection(LEP), Helicopter Emergency Egress Device(HEED)
What is the purpose of an Oxygen Mask?
Provides O2.
What is the purpose of an Oxygen regulator?
Regulates 100% O2 to aircrew during flight.
What is the purpose of a life preserver?
Used in ejection seat equipped A/C provides min 65lbs bouyancy.
What is the purpose of an Anti-G suit?
Protects against effects of high G's in high performance A/C.
What is the purpose of the Drogue parachute?
Stabilize and decelerate the seat in the proper attitude for aircrew seperation. Straightens seat before other chute blows.
What is the purpose of the Main parachute?
Pulls occupant, survival kit and lower restraint harness free of sticker clips allowing seat to fall free & occupant to continue normal descent.
Identify the items contained in the Sear Survival Kit.
Nylon cord, sea dye marker, Canned water, blanket, emergency code card, radio beacon set, signal/smoke flares, bailing sponge, E-drinking water, can opener, packing list, inflatable life raft.
What is hypoxia?
deficiency of O2 to the body.
What is anoxia?
Complete lack of 02, results in physical damage.
What is the objective of the Egress System Checkout Certification Program?
Est. policies, responsibilities, and requirements for egress system checkout.
What are the 2 types of Aviators Breathing Oxygen(ABO)?
Liquid(LOX) and Gaseous.