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State the purpose of a hydraulic patch test.
To verify the cleanliness of the hyd fluid in equipment. Patch test or Particle counter. Navy class 5 for A/C 3 for SE.
State the purpose of the tactical paint scheme.
Camoflauge. lighter on bottom.
What it the NA 01-1a-509?
Corrosion. Identification, Prevention, & treatment.
What is the purpose of the Nose Wheel Steering Actuating Switch?
Located on pilot's handgrip of control stick. Allows wheels to turn when rudder pedals actuated.
What is the pupose of the Spin Recovery System?
Alternate method of increasing stabilizer & rudder control throws during a clean flight configuration. Helps get out of flat spin.
What is the purpose of the Wing Fold System?
To park A/C closer together.
What is the purpose of the Flight hydraulic power system?
Operates primary flight controls.
What is the purpose of the Combined hydraulic power system?
Secondary flight controls. Can be used to power primary flight controls if flight hydraulic power is lost.
What is the purpose of the Auxiliary hydraulic pump system?
Pressurizes wheel brake accumulator for Emergency brakes, radome and birdcage(extensible equipment platform.