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How many tie-down points are on the EA-6B Aircraft?
Whare are the tie-down points?
Nose gear, tail, FWD port otbd pylon, AFT port otbd pylon, FWD stbd otbd pylon, AFT stbd otbd pylon, Port/Stbd main gear, Port/Stbd main gear axle.
What are the proper procedures for aircraft grounding?
Secure A/C power, have certified ground point, connect to deck then to A/C.
What does the Move Director do?
Walks in front of tractor. Checks towbar & axle pins. Responsible for overall safety.
What does the Brake Rider do?
Removes all cables from A/C. Ensures safety pins are removed/locks installed and that brakes work. Rides in cockpit.
What does the chock walker do?
Carries chocks. Watchs for obstructions.
What do the Safety observers do?
Tail/Wing Walkers. Ensure A/C is ready for tow and there is ample clearance.
What does the tractor driver do?
Responsible to move director. Safe and slow movement of A/C from hook up to final parking.