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What functional requirements of the Naval Aviation Maintenance Program(NAMP) are satisfied by the organizational maintenance activity's NALCOMIS
To improve mission capability, improve aircraft maintenance and supply support. To improve upline reporting to satisfy Department of Defense program requirements, and modernize management support
What functional requirements of the NAMP are satisfied by the intermediate maintenance activity's NALCOMIS
Provides the capability to manage maintenance and supply functions and processes by allowing system users to enter, collect, process, store, review, and report information required by the organization.
Describe the purpose of the following organiztional maintenance activity's NALCOMIS subsystems:
a. Maintenance

Collects and processes maintenance related data and provides data to other subsystems on the data base. Used extensively by Maintenance Control.
b. Flight

Collects and processes flight related data.
c. Logs/records

Establishes and maintains configuration profiles for engines, aircraft, and any Aeronautical Equipment Service Record (AESR) records.
d. Personnel

Reserved for future use. Can be used to monitor qualifications. Not in use at this time.
e. Assets

Processes inventory and inspection criteria for support equipment and Aviation Life Support Systems (ALSS).
f. Data analysis

Approves or disapproves Maintenance Action Forms (MAF's), Naval Flight Records (NAVFLIRS), for upline submission.
g. Reports

Selects and produces various reports.
h. Ad hoc query

Creates user-specific needed or requested reports
Describe the purpose of the following intermediate maintenance activity's NALCOMIS subsystems
a. Maintenance activity
Allows maintenance personnel to document maintenance actions, order parts, maintain individual component repair list data, and request inquiries. Actual documentation requirements such as validation specifications, form descriptions, and field entry requirements are contained in this and other instructions. Any NALCOMIS IMA specific documentation requirements are covered in the detailed description of each function or screen.

b. Configuration status accounting

Contains 3 sections: Aircraft Engines, Support Equipment, and Technical Directives.

c. Personnel management

Contains information on assigned military and civilian personnel. The information is used for workload management and to verify authorization for discrepancy signoffs, QA inspections, MAF reviews, and other job related functions.

d. Asset management

Contains the functions required to maintain inventory and utilization data for Support Equipment and IMRL items.

e. Material requirement processing

Covers material requirements generated by maintenance customers at the O-level and I-level. These requirements include repairable components, consumable repair parts, and indirect material support items.

f. System support

Permits the user to see a list of the on-screen messages that are waiting action. It uses on-line functions to review the requests for reports, and to release them for subsequent printing.

g. Data off-load/on-load

Used to generate files, reports, and documents for data off-load/on-load. These items accompany temporarily transferred Support Equipment and personnel and permanently transferred SE, either to or from organizations.

h. Technical publications

provides an automated technical library tracking system
Explain the purpose of a Maintenance Action Form(MAF) as applied to NALCOMIS documentation
Used to document maintenance actions to on-equipment maintenance actions. Used to document maintenance as preventative maintenance, such as corrosion prevention and treatment. Also used to document the removal/installation, and processing of a repairable component or item to an Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD) or On Site Storeroom (OSS
Explain the following blocks on a MAF to be utilized as data fields in NALCOMIS
a. Work Unit Code (WUC)

Identifies the system or subsystem being worked upon.
b. Job Control Number (JCN)

A 9, 10, or 11-character code. Serves as a base for Maintenance Data Reporting (MDR) and maintenance control procedures.
c. Maintenance Action Form (MAF) Control Number (MCN)

A 7-character alpha/numeric code assigned by the system that serves as a base for Maintenance Data Reports and maintenance control procedures. Tracks MAF's through the maintenance process.
d. Discrepancy block

A narrative description of a reported discrepancy.
e. Corrective action block

A narrative description of the corrective action taken on a discrepancy.
f. When Discovered (W/D) code

A single alpha-character, indicating when the need for maintenance was discovered.
g. Type Equipment (TYPE EQUIP) code

Identifies the type of equipment being worked on.
h. Type Maintenance (T/M) code

A one-character alpha or numeric code used to describe the type work being performed
What is a Special Maintenance Qualification(SMQ)?
Used to screen the levels of security. It determines which screens or parts of NALCOMIS an individual has access to
Discuss the security considerations that apply to an individual's NALCOMIS log in and password
a. Protect your password. b. Do not share, loan, or write down your password. c. Protect passwords from unauthorized viewing. d. Do not leave your terminal or computer while logged in; always log off when complete. e. Know who the security personnel are