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What is Hazardous Material?
Any material that, because of it's quantity, concentration, or physical or chemical characteristics, may pose a substantial hazard to human health or the enviroment when purposefully released or accidently spilled.
What is Hazardous Waste?
Any discarded Haz Mat as designated by the EPA or a state authority.
What are the required HM storage and inspection requirements?
Storage locations shall be inspected weekly and quarterly for securedness, corrosion, leakage, expired shelf-life and improper/inadequate labeling.
What does MSDS stand for?
What is the purpose of a MSDS?
It is a technical bulletin that contains information about materials such as composition, chemical and physical characteristics, health and safety hazards, and safe handling and use.
Where are MSDS's located?
HM/HW Coordinator at Medical
Supply Officer
Work Center
What are the 6 categories of Hazardous Material?
1) Flammable or Combustible
2) Toxic
3) Corrosives (acids/bases)
4) Oxidizers
5) Aerosols
6) Compressed Gases
What is a Flammable/Combustible material?
A solid, liquid or gas with a low flash point.
What is a Toxic material?
A substance that adversely affects ones' health by causing injury, illness, death when inhaled, injested or through contact.
What is a Corrosive material?
It is a meterial that causes visible destruction of, or irreversible alterations in, living tissue through chemical action at the site of contact.
What is an Oxidizing material?
Solids or liquids that readily give off oxygen or other oxidizing substances, such as clorine.
What are Aerosol containers?
Small liquid and solid particles suspended in the air and pressurized withing a container.
What are Compressed Gases?
Hazardous material which has been containerized in cylinders under high pressure.
What are the 3 major groups of Compresses Gases?
1) Liquified
2) Non-liquified
3) Dissolved
What are the basic procedures that should be followed when HM/HW has been spilled?
1) Discovery
2) Notification
3) Initiation of Action
4) Evaluation
5) Containment
6) Damage Control
7) Dispersion of Gases/Vapors
8) Cleanup and Decontamination
9) Disposal
10) Cretification for re-entry
11) Follow-up Reports
What PPE is required when handling HM/HW?
As perscribed by the MSDS.
What training is required for all hands regarding HM/HW?
1) HM used within their spaces.
2) What HM/HW is and proper use and disposal.
3) MSDS familiarization/use.
4) How to read a HM label.
5) Familiarization of PPE.
6) Emergency Procedures
What does AUL stand for?
What is the AUL?
A current inventory of authorized HM used within the command.