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What is the objective of the NAMP?
A method of standardizing operations of any naval aviation command.
How many volumes does the NAMP include?
What does Volume 1 of the NAMP consist of?
Concepts, policies, orginizations, maintenance support procedures, and Orginizational/Intermediate Level Maintenance.
What does Volume 2 of the NAMP consist of?
Depot Level Maintenance.
What does Volume 3 of the NAMP consist of?
Maintenance Data Systems
What does Volume 4 of the NAMP consist of?
Aviation 3M data processing requirements.
What does Volume 5 of the NAMP consist of?
Standard Operating Procedures.
What are the 3 levels of maintenance?
1) Organizational
2) Intermediate
3) Depot
What type of maintenance does Orginizational Level Maintenance perform?
Day-to-day operations.
What type of maintenance does Intermediate Level Maintenance perform?
Maintenance designated by WING authority that cannot be resolved by O-level.
What type of maintenance does Depot Level Maintenance perform?
Overhaul and rebuild maintenance.
What is the MO responsible for?
Responsible for the accomplishment of the department mission.
What is the AMO responsible for?
Assistant to the MO in the accomplishment of the departmenbt mission.
What is the MMCO responsible for?
Overall production and material support of the department.
What is the MCO responsible for?
Attached supply officer that is responsible to the MMCO for all matters regarding material readiness such as NAVICP and BOSS 3 and Price Challenge Hotline.
What is the responsibilities of Maintenance/Production Control?
To maintain FMC A/C.
What is the purpose of the Maintenance Administration Division?
To provide administration functions to Maintenance Department.
Whatis scheduled maintenance?
Work that is performed due to inspections or other pre-designated intervals.
What is unscheduled maintenance?
Work that is performed due to issues arrising during operations.
How long is a Daily Inspection valid for?
72 hours if no flight has occured with the A/C.
What is the purpose of a Daily Inspection?
To inspect for defects to a greater depth than the turn around inspection.
What is the purpose of the Turnaround Inspection?
Conducted between flights to ensure the integrity of the A/C for flight, verify proper servicing, and detect degradation.
If no flight or maintenance has occurres how long is a Turnaround Inspection good for?
24 hours.
How long may an A/C be flown before another Daily Inspection has to be performed?
24 hours.
In what situation can the 24 hour (of a daily) exceed the 72 hour time limit?
If the expiration occurs during a mission.
Does the accomplishment of a Turnaround Inspection affect the 72 hour validity of a daily inspection?
What is a Special Inspection?
An inspection with a prescribed interval other than a Daily, Calander or Phase Inspection.
What reference specifies a Special Inspection?
The Periodic Maintenance Information Card deck.
How can you ID a Special Inspection?
It always has a number in it such as 14 Day, 2000 Landing, 2000 hour inspection.
What is a Conditional Inspection?
Unscheduled conditions requiring an inspection.
What are some conditions that warrant a Conditional Inspection?
1) Bird Strike
2) Lightening Strike
3) Hard Landing
4) FOD
What is the purpose of a Phase Inspection?
Inspection that is divides the total scheduled maintenance requirement into smaller phases.
How is a Phase Inspection conducted?
Sequentially and at specified intervals.
What conditions can cause the Phase Inspection to be interrupted?
This inspection cycle is maintained throughout the service life of the A/C.
When is an Acceptance Inspection conducted?
When a reporting custodian accepts a newly assigned A/C.
Does an Acceptance Inspection have to occur when an A/C is returned from SDLM?
What is included in an Acceptance Inspection?
1)Inventory of equipment listed in the AIR.
2) Verification of CADS, escape propulsion devices.
3) Configuration verification.
4) Hydraulic fluid sampling.
5) Daily Inspection
What does AIR srand for?
Aircraft Inventory Record.
When is a Transfer Inspection performed?
When a reporting custodian transfers an A/C or SE.
What is included in a Transfer Inspection?
1)Inventory of all items on an AIR.
2) Configuration verification.
3) Hydraulic fluid sampling.
4) Daily Inspection.
What does ASPA stand for?
Aircraft Service Period Adjustment
What is the purpose of the ASPA?
It is a depot level evaluation of the A/C's general material condition.
Specifically, who conducts a ASPA and what does it consist of?
Certified ASPA evaluators conduct record and logbook analysis and physical examinations of the A/C.
What does FCF stand for?
Functional Flight Check.
What is the purpose of a FCF?
Determines if the A/C, powerplant, accessories and equipment are functioning properly IAW predetermined standards when subjected to the intended operating enviroment.
When is a FCF performed?
At the completion of SDLM, acceptance, engine system installation, reinstallation, flight control surface component replacement, attitude system component replacement/adjustment, certain Phase inspections or anytime the A/C has not flown for 30 days (regardless of the reason).
Who can decide that a FCF needs to be conducted?
What is the purpose of the Weight and Balance Program?
Provides service activities with a standard system of field weight and balance control.
What program gives maximum operating weights, center of gravity restrictions and approved methods of loading?
Weight and Balance Program.
What is the purpose of A/C Logbook?
Provides a written history of the A/C it is assigned to.
What are the different sections of the A/C Logbook?
1) Non-Aging Record.
2) Flight Time.
3) Inspection records.
4) Repair/Rework Sections.
5) TD Sections
6) Miscellanous History
7) Preservation/ Depreservation Record
8) Equipment History record
9) SRC
10) Aviation Life Support Records
11) Seat Survival Kit Records
12) AESR
What does SRC stand for?
What does AERS stand for?
Who is designated to sign the A/C Logbook?
1) Anyone designated in writing by the CO.
2) CO
3) O-Level
4) I-Level
5) D-level Director of Operations
6) OMD Officer
When a contractor or NAVAVNDEPOT field supervisor is unauthorized to or doesn't sign the A/C Logbook and records what step should be taken?
The reporting custodian shall verify the work performed and sign the necessary logbook and record entries.
Who is authorized to release an A/C safe for flight?
Anyone authorized and designated in writting by the CO.

What does certifying an A/C safe safe for flight mean?
That the material condition of the A/C ensures that it can be launched, flown and landed safely and that the aircrew has the operable equipment for safe flight requirements.
What does PMS mean?
Planned Maintenance System.
What does MRC stand for?
Maintenance Requirement Card.
What does PMIC stand for?
Periodic Maintenance Information Cards.
What do MRC's provide?
Instructions required for the efficient performance of scheduled maintenance tasks.
What do PMIC's provide?
Used to identify scheduled or forced removal items and their replacement intervals.
What does IPB stand for?
What information does an IPB provide?
Illistrations and Part Numbers for allparts of the A/C or equipment on which it is issued.
What information does the MIMs provide?
COntains instructions for O and I level maintenance and servicing of a specific model A/C.
What is the primary job of the Work Center Supervisor?
Hour-by-hour maintenance situation.
What is the concept of QA?
The prevention of the occurence of defects.
The achievement of QA depends upon what?
Prevention, knowledge and special skills.
What does QAR stand for?
Quality Assurance Representative.
What does CDI stand for?
Collateral Duty Inspector?
What is the purpose of a Special Audit as performed by QA?
Audits conducted to evaluate specific maintenance tasks, processes, and programs.
How long are copies of audits maintained on file?
One year.
What is the purpose of a Quarterly/WorkCenter Audit?
An audit that is conducted quarterly to evaluate the overall quality performance of each work center.
What is the function of CTPL?
To determine the applicability of technical manuals required to support the maintenance orginization,receipt and distribution control of manuals, and to ensure manuals are updated properly.
What does CTPL stand for?
What are the 5 managed programs of QA?
Tech. pubs (CTPL)
Audits (QA)
Gas Free Engineering (AVGFE)
S/E Misuse and Abuse
Who has the responsibility of internally controlling and distribution of the NAMP?
What is the purpose of the FOD Program?
To identify, correct and eliminate factors regarding FOD, which are within control of the command.
Who is responsibility for instituting procedures for compliance of the FOD Program?
All work centers.
What is the primary function of the Tool Control Program?
To provide a means to rapidly account for all tools after completinng a maintenance task, thus reducing the potential for FOD.
What is the purpose of the Fuel Surveillance Program?
To prevent the use of contaminated fuel in Naval A/C.
What is the function of the Navy Oil Analysis Program?
It is a non-destructive means in which aeronautical equipment can be monitored for wear.
What does ABO stand for?
Who must be familiar with the ABO Program?
All individuals involved with it.
How many people must be involved with all operations pertaining to LOX and Gaseous Oxygen?
2 or more qualified personnel.
What is the primary objective of the Hydraulic Contamination Control Program?
To achieve and maintain a satisfactory level of fluid purity in hydraulic systems.
What class of hydraulic fluid is allowed for use in Naval A/C?
5 or better.
What class of hydraulic fluid is allowed for use in S/E?
3 or better.
What is the purpose of the Tire and Wheel Maintenance Safety Program?
To provide all individuals handling tires and wheels proper training.
What does MTIP stand for?
Improvement Program
What is the purpose of the MTIP?
To evaluate the technical knowledge of aviation technicians.
What does MMP stand for?
What is the purpose of the MMP?
To provide a schedule of predictable maintenance work.
By when, every month, does the MMP have to be distributed?
What information does the MMP contain? Give 4 examples.
Calibration dates.
Flight hours.
Chain of Command.
What does ESD stand for?
What is ESD?
The transfer of electrostatic charge between objects at different potentials caused by direct contact or induced by an electrostatic field.