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What does NATOPS stand for?
Training and
What is the purpose of NATOPS?
It is a positive approach towards improving combat readiness and achieving a substantial reduction in A/C mishaps.
Who issues the NATOPs directives?
What is the general premise behind NATOPS Instructions?
Provides general flight and operating instructions and procedures applicable to the operation of all naval A/C and related activities.
What are 3 basic A/C prestart precautions?
1) Where applicable intake screens shall be installed on jet A/C.
2) During engine start fire bottle personnel shall be present.
3) Area shall be clear of FOD.
If nonpilot personnel are turning an A/C engine on A/C other than transport/patrol A/C equipped with a parking brake what further precaution should be taken?
A/C shall be tied down.
What is the purpose of the NATOPS evaluation?
Intended to evaluate individual and unit compliance by observing and grading adherence to NATOPS procedures.
What is the OPNAVINST 3710/4?
NAVFLIRS or "yellow sheet"
What does NAVFLIRS stand for?
Recording System
What is the purpose of NAVFLIRS?
Provides a standardized DON flight activity data collection system.
What two situation demand that a NAVFLIRS be prepared?
Each attempt at flight or training evolution for simulators.
As well as being used as a single page document for recording flight data where else is the OPNAVINST 3710/4 used?
Used to collect flight activity data in support of the maintenance data system (MDS).
What is included on the OPNAVINST 3710/4?
A statistical discription of the flight pertaining to the A/C and crew.
A record all logistic actions performed during the flight.
A record of weapons proficiency.
A record of training areas utilized and other miscellaneous data,
What is the purpose of Master flight files?
They shall be the only flight record of naval A/C maintenance.
What dictates the content/format/use of Master flight files?
Who compiles the Master flight files?
The reporting custodian of the A/C as per OPNAVINST 5442.2.
Who assignes the visual ID system for Naval A/C?
How are side numbers on A/C affixed and what are the colors based upon?
The numbers are painted on and are based upon the type of squadron the A/C is attached to.
Identify 3 Squadron types and specify the color of their side markings.
VS..........Dark Green
An A/C that falls under command of COMNAVAIRLANT will have it's marking designated how?
1st character.......A thru M
2nd character.......A thru Z

The last 4 numbers reflect the A/C BUNO.
An A/C that falls under command of COMNAVAIRPAC will have it's marking designated how?
1st character......N thru Z
2nd character......A thru Z
If an A/C has RX on the tail who does this A/C belong to?
A Pacific Fleet Squadron.
An A/C that falls under command of CNATRA will have it's marking designated how?
1st character.......A thru G
2nd character.......NONE
If an A?C only has 1 letter on it's tail who is it affiliated with?
A Training Command.