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What is the mission of the ATF class of ships?
Fleet Ocean Tugs.
Provides towing services.
Assist in recovery of downed A/C and ships when manned by Navy divers.
What is the mission of the ARS class of ships?
Rescue and Salvage Ship.
Provides assistance to disabled ships, provide towing, salvage, diving fire fighting and heavy lift capabilities.
What is the mission of the ASR class of ships?
Submarine Rescue Ship.
Serves as surface support ships for Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles (DSRV) during submarine rescue operations.
What is the mission of the AR class of ships?
Repair Ship.
A ship that has been modified to provide structural repairs to a damaged vessel.
What is the mission of the MCM class of ships?
Mine Countermeasures Ship.
Avenger class MCM ships are designed as mine hunter/killers capable of finding, classifying and destroying moored and bottom mines.
How many Avanger Class MCM's are fully deployable in the fleet?
When were the last 3 Avenger class MCM's purchased?
What is the mission of the MHC class of ships?
Coastal Mine Hunters.
These ships utilize sonor and video systems, cable cutters and mine detonating devices that can be released and detonated by remote control.
What other method of mine sweeping are MHC's capable of?
What is the mission of the PC class of ships?
Patrol Craft.
Provide coastal patrol and interdiction surveillance.
What class of ship also provides full support to SEAL and other Special OPs Forces?
What is the difference between a SSN and a SSBN?
SSN are smaller and normally do not stay at sea as long.
Also SSBN have Ballistic Missle capabilities.
What is the mission of the SSN class of ships?
Submarine. (Nuclear propulsion)
Fast attack submarine.
Fast and silent used to attack ships, other subs and supports land based campaigns.
What is the mission of the SSBN class of ships?
Ballistic Missle Submarine.
(Nuclear Propulsion)
Provides the US with the most survivable and enduring nuclear strike capability.