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What are the three objectives of First Aid?
Preserve life, Prevent injury, Prevention of infection.
What are the three methods of controlling bleeding?
Direct pressure, Elevation, Tourniquet.
What is a pressure point?
Any place that a main artery is near the surface and over a bone.
What are some examples of pressure points?
Facial Artery.........Jaw
Iliac Artery..........Groin
Poploteal Artery......Knee
What is Shock?
A disruption of the circulatory system.
What are some symptoms of shock?
Vacant eyes, shallow breathing, cold pale skin, and nausea.
What is the treatment for shock?
Lay victim down with feet elevated 6-12 inches.
Cover them up to keep in body heat.
Keep them calm.
What are the 3 classifications of burns?
Which degree of burns is the most severe and describe.
Destroyed tissue(skin/bone).
Minor pain due to ruined nerves.
What degree of burns is the least severe and describe.
First-Skin is reddened, warmer than usual and pain is mild.
What are some signs of second degree burns?
Red and blistered skin and severe pain.
What is heat exhaustion?
Disruption of bloodflow to the brain, heart and lungs
What are some symptoms of heat exhaustion?
Skin is cool, moist and clammy.
Pupils are dialated.
Normal to subnormal body temperature.
How do you treat heat exhaustion?
Move victiom to a cool or air conditioned area and loosen/remove clothing.
Apply cool cloths to the head, groin and ankles but do not allow the person to become chilled.
If awake give them a solution of 1 teaspoon salt to 1 liter of water and take to medical.
What is heat stroke?
When the body stops sweating.
What are some symptoms of heat stroke?
Hot/ dry skin.
Uneven pupil dialation.
Weak, rapid pulse.
How do you treat heat stroke?
Reduce the temperature of the person as quickly as possible.
Maintain airway.
If the bone has broken the surface of the skin what type of fracture is it?
An open or compound fracture.
Describe a closed/simple fracture.
When the bone is broken but is not protruding.
How should you rescue someone that is being electrically shocked?
By removing the voltage present or removing them from it.
What is the proper treatment for electrical shock?
Give CPR if heart is stopped or artifical ventilation.
Seek medical attention.
How do you clear an obstructed airway?
Clear the mouth of obstruction then, (if needed)
Perform the Heimlich maneuver.
What is hypothermia?
General cooling of the body.
What are the symptoms of hypothermia?
Pale and/or unconscious.
Slow/shallow breathing.
Pulse faint.
Body stiff.
How do you treat hypothermia?
Bring body temperature back to normal.
Seek medical attention.
What is an indication of superficial frostbite?
Ice crystals forming in the upper skin layers.
What is an indication of deep frostbite?
Ice crystals forming in the deeper tissues.
How do you treat all forms of frostbite?
Warm the body parts back up.