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Ammunition Ship. Operate w/ replenishment groups to deliver ammo & all types of missles. Carries 2 H-46 Helo's for vert rep & support.
Oiler support. Carries fuel, jet fuel & other petroleum products. Service both sides of ship.
Oiler and ammunition support. Most powerful aux ship in Navy. Carries missles, fuel, ammo & general cargo & refrigerated cargo. Carries 2 H-46 Helo's for vert rep & support.
Guided Missle Cruiser. Protect against srface & air attacks & gunfire support for land ops. Lrg cruising range, speed over 30 knots. Some capable of antisub/antisurface ship warfare at the same time. LAMPS Mk IIISH-60B.
Carrier/Nuclear Powered Carrier. Designed to carry launch retrieve & handle combat A/C quickly & efficiently. Approach at high speed, launch, recover and retire before discovered.Center of modern navel task force/group.
What are the 3 non-nuclear powered carriers?
John F. Kennedy, U.S.S. Constellation, and the Kitty Hawk.
Destroyer/Guided Missle Destroyer. Multipurpose. Variety of arms little armor. Depend on speed/mobility. Offensive/defensive against subs & surface ships. Defensive a gainst air assaults. SAR. SH-60b/SH2G
Guided Missle Frigate. Open ocean escort & patrol. Resemble destroyers but slower, have single screw,less armament. 2 SH-60B
Amphibiouse Command Ship. Provides accomodations and communication facilities. Most modern & capable command facilities afloat.
Amphibious Assault Ship.Can embark, deploy, & land a marine battalion by helo, landing craft, amphib vehicles.Combo of LPH,LPD,LKA(Amphibious Cargo ship)& LSD
Amphibious Warfare Ship. Based on LHA but intended to convert from assault to antisub warfare ship with Harriers for ground assault.
Amphibious Transport Dock. Combo of LSD & LPH. Transports troop & equipment. 8 Helo's. Among Largest Amphib. Designed o put troops on hostile shores.
Amphibious Assault ship(helicopter). Designed to embark, transport & land 1,800 troops & equipment via helo in conjuction w/ beach assault. Assist s/ antisub warfare.