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What does IFF Stand for?
Identification Friend or Foe
What does IFF do?
An electronic means by which A/C can identify thenselves.
What does RADAR stand for?
Radio Detection and Ranging
What does RADAR do?
Used to detect object and indicate their range and relative position.
What does ADF stand for?
Automatic Direction Finding
What does ADF do?
Provides automatic direction finding capability.
How many ADF systems are on each A/C?
How does ADF work?
It recieves signals from radio range stations, commercial AM stations and low frequency non-directional navigation aid stations.
What does TACAN stand for?
Tactical Air Navigation
How does TACAN work?
Uses a bearing determining system to figure out A/C position and distance from a TACAN station.
To utilize a TACAN station how far from it can an A/C be?
300 nautical miles.
What is the primary navigation aid used by carrier based A/C?
What does TCAS stand for?
Traffic Collision Avoidance System
What does TCAS do?
Tells the exact position or location of other A/C.
What does FMS stand for?
Flight Management System
What does FMS do?
Tells you your position, fuel burn, rate of fuel consumption, guides the auto pilot, gives time to way point, fuel required and airspeed.
Which is better and why? FMS or INS
It is more accurate.
What is the backup for FMS?
What does INS stand for?
Inertial Navigation System
What does INS do?
Provides aviation and guidance data without reference to ground based navigation aids.
What does VOR stand for?
Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range Station
What does VOR do?
It is a ground based navigation aid that transmits very high frequencysignals, 360 degrees in an azimuth, oreinted from magnetic north.
With VOR can voice transmissions between the pilot and air traffic control be accomplished?
What does ILS stand for?
Instrument Landing System
What does ILS do?
A precision approach system that provides alignment and descent guidance to the pilot.
What does GPWS stand for?
Ground Proximity Warning System.
What does GPWS do?
Provides the pilot with a visual and aural warning of potentially hazardous flight paths relative to the terrain.
Why is the Aircraft Static Dissipation System important?
They dissipate static electricity with a minimum amount of radio interference.
Where are ASD's located?
Wing tips.
Horizontal Stabilizer.
Vertical Stabilizer.
What is the purpose of the C9b Electrical Power supply system?
They are the A/C engine driven generators that provide the main source of electricity.
What is the purpose of the APU?
To provide power for engine starting, air conditioning, and other electrical needs while on the ground and for backup power source in flight.
How is DC power requirements met?
4 transformer rectifiers convert 115 vac to 28 vdc.
What provides power for the emergency vac and vdc in the event of a loss of power?
2 nickel cadmium batteries.
What otherunction do the 2 nickel cadmium batteries provide?
Power for APU starting and to operate the refueling system via the emergency inverter when normal ac power is not available.
What is thermal runaway in reference to A/C batteries?
When the current of a fully charged battery rises out of proportion to the impressed voltage.
What causes thermal runaway?
Heat and the voltage drop that occurs when the battery heats up.
How do you detect thermal runaway?
Check for flames, smoke and/or overflowing electrolyte.
If a battery is on fire how do you combat the fire?
Use a CO2 extinguisher.
If a battery is smoking how do you counteract this?
BY spraying the battery with low-velocity water fog.
Why should you never try to cool off a battery with a CO2 extinguisher?
The static electricity created bt using the extinguisher can cause the battery to explode.
What are 3 precautions when using RADAR?
Never use during refueling. Do not use when ground personnel are within 21 feet of the antenna.
Do not operate within the hanger or with the antennae is near large metal objects.
Where is the E&E compartment?
Aft of the nosewheel on the underside of the A/C.
When inside the A/C how do you gain access to the E&E compartment?
Aft of the pilots seat locate access panel on floor.
If the fire detection system detects a fire or overheating in the engine nacelle or APU compartment what does it do?
Alerts the crew by aural and/or visual indicators.
What type of system is the Fire Detection System?
Dual system with 2 seperate fire sensing loops and control units for each fire detection area.
What fuel has a NATO symbol of F44?
What is the NATO symbol for JP8?
What is the FSR and FP for JP8?
How does icing affect A/C?
Seizes cables and joints.
When an A/C experiences icing what happens to lift and drag?
Lift will decrease while drag increases due to increased weight and stalling speed.
How does a circuit breaker work?
When current rating is exceeded it trips, creating an open in the circuit.
Can a circuit breaker be reset?
Can a fuse be reset?
Usually not.
How does a fuse work?
When current rating is exceeded it trips, creating an open in the circuit.
What is a bomb?
A free falling explosive.
What is a rocket?
A selfpropelled explosive that is uni-directional.
What is a missle?
A selfpropelled explosive that can change directions.
What is a mine?
An underground/water explosive.
What is a torpedoe?
A self propelled explosive used underwater.
What is the purpose of the pitot-static?
Instruments that operate from air outside the A/C.