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What are some basic requirements for the Respiratory Protection Program?
Program Manager appointed in writting by CO or OIC.
PPE will be provided by Navy.
Fit testing and medically qualified to wear the respirator.
What is the goal of the Hearing Conservation Program?
To prevent occupational hearing loss.
What are some basic requirements of the Hearing Conservation Program?
Identify potential noise hazards.
Provide PPE.
Provide training on the program.
If an area is posted as having an eye hazard what should you do?
Wear the appropriate PPE.
When should eyewash stations be provided?
Where running water is unavailable.
What does the term "warning" mean?
That the potential to cause injury or death is present if the procedure is not followed.
What term is defined as being optional?
What does the term "caution" mean?
That damaged equipment may result if procedures are not followed.
What does the term "note" imply?
An operating procedure, practice or condition that is essential to emphasize.
What term is used if a procedure is mandatory?
What does the term "will" indicate?
Futurity. Does not imply any degree of requirement for a procedure.
How are portable fire extinguisher classified?
According to the type of fire they are designed to fight.
Where should portable fire extinguishers be placed?
In normal paths of travel.
How should fire lanes be maintained?
Clearly marked.
Kept clear or obstructions.
How far away should open flames and smoking be kept from parked A/C and hanger bays?
50 feet.
When should an A/C be grounded?
During all maintenance evolutions.
Do tie down chains provide adequate grounding for the A/C?
Should A/C be LOXed in inclimate weather?
The sides on a drip pan should be how high and in what condition when being used aroung LOX?
6 inches.
Completely clean..NO CONTAMINENTS!
When draining LOX how many qualified personnel should be present?
How many LOX converters can be serviced at one time?
What type LOX should always be used?
MIL-O-27210 Type 2.
What type of coveralls must be worn when servicing LOX?
If you are involved with a spill of LOX and get it on you what should you do?
Quickly thaw the exposed area by immersion or at least bathing with large amounts of water.
After a rapid thaw what should you do?
Wrap the exposed area loosely and seek medical attention.
Before filling the LOX converter what should you do?
Check the safety wire, relief valve and pressure closing valve for security.
What is more dangerous, LOX or Gaseous Oxygen?
Gaseous Oxygen.
When working with Gaseous Oxygen what kind should be used?
MIL-2710, TYPE 2.
What can you lubricate oxygen valves with when working on a Gaseous Oxygen System?
Type 3 Krytox.
Type 3 Triolube 16.
When using Gaseous Oxygen when can an explosion occur?
Any time dirt, grease, oil, comes in contact with the Gaseous Oxygen.
When refueling do the Main Gear doors have to be opened or closed?
What are some basic precautions to be used when refueling an A/C?
Ground the A/C and the resupply unit.
Make sure your getting the right type of fuel.
Do not use any electronic equipment unless otherwise specified.
When you have an open fuel cell what requirements should all portable electrical equipment and connections meet?
National Electrical Code for Class, 1 Division 1, Group D Hazardous Locations.
At least how many fully charged fire extinguishers must be present when there is an open fuel cell?
Who gives approval to open a fuel cell and upon the location?
Maintenance Officer.
Fire Marshall.
Safety Officer.
If exhaust purge is used how much more room is needed to open a fuel cell?
50 feet.
When a fuel cell has been opened how must the area be posted?