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Who manufactured the C9B?
McDonnell Douglas Corporation.
What was the purpose for which the C9B was built?
To transport personnel and cargo.
What is the maximum takeoff gross weight of the C9B?
110,00 pounds.
What is the maximum landing gross weight?
99,000 pounds.
How long is the C9B?
119.3 feet.
How wide is the C9B?
93.3 feet.
What is the tail height of the C9B?
27.5 feet.
Where are the primary emergency exits in a ditching situation?
Overwing exits.
Where are the emergency exits for ground egress?
Forward entrance.
Service doors.
Aft entrance.
In a ditching situation where are the secondary exits?
Pilot/copilot clear view windows.
Forward entrance door.
Service door.
Clear view windows.
During ground egress where are the secondary exits?
Overwing exits.
Pilot/copilot clear view windows.
Which SECO configuration has 90 coach seats?
What does SECO "H" configuration contain?
7 seats.
7 HCU-6E pallets.
Which configuration contains 3 pallets with VIP seats and 47 coach seats?
What does SECO "C" configuration contain?
2 HCU-6E pallets.
65 coach seats.
What SECO configuration contains 3 HCU-6E pallets and 45 coach seats?
In what year was VR-56 established?
July 1, 1976.
Who provides scheduling for VR-56?
JOSAC (Joint Operational Support Airlift Command)
VR commands are only manned by Selected Reservists.
They are manned by SELRES and FTS personnel.