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Prior to applying any solvent used in an A/C wash what should you do?
Open all circuit breakers associated with battery power.
Before the A/C was can begin what shold you wipe up?
Excess oil and grease.
Before you can start spraying water on the A/C what should you do?
Close all doors and emergency openings. Cover all drain holes, vents, openings and ports.
Who is responsible for assisting the pilots in flight preparation and be able to report the material condition of the A/C and it's systems?
Plane Captain
How many people does it take to tow an A/C?
6. 2 wing walkers.
1 tail walker.
1 brake rider in the A/C cockpit.
1 tow tractor driver.
1 director.
Before a person can get a SE license what must they do?
Obtain a state driver's license.
Attend the needed SE operator training.
Complete the OJT.
Complete the written exam.
What is the numerical designation for the USN Aviation Support Equipment Operator's License?
OPNAV 4790/102
What is the procedure for checking out SE?
Have valid SE license.
Perform a pre-op inspection.
Sign the SE Pre-op Record (card).
What is the numerical designation for the SE Pre-op Record?
OPNAV 4790/64
To return a piece of SE equipment what should the person do?
Have a valid OPNAV 4790/102.
Have the OPNAV 4790/64 and complete a joint inspection.
When performing a Pre-Operational Inspection what references should you use?
Applicable MRC's.
Who is responsible for reporting SE misuse and abuse?
All hands.
What is the numerical designation for a SE Misuse/Abuse Report?
OPNAV 4790/108
Through whom is the OPNAV 4790/108 routed?
The IMRL manager that owns the SE.
Who assigns a control number for the OPNAV 4790/108?
After assigning a control number to the SE Misuse/Abuse Report QA prepares an official report in what manner and forwards it to whom for signing?
Maintenance Officer.
After the MO has signed the official report created by QA from the OPNAV 4790/108 what happens to the report?
It is forwarded to the CO of the command which held custody of the item.
Who is responsible for performing daily/ turnaround inspections as well as assist others in A/C maintenance?
Plane Captain
In what way should you clean the A/C and why?
Bottom to top and inboard to outboard because it keeps the cleaning solution from streaking.
Who is responsible for being able to use and demonstrate the use of A/C cockpit, controls, systems, starting,and ground turnup procedures?
Plane Captain
How long is the SE license valid for?
3 years or until their state driver's license expires, whichever comes first.
Who is responsible for familiarity of fueling and defueling procedures?
Plane Captain