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True or False

The earth is warmer now than it has been for 1000 years.
When did the greenhouse effect start warming the earth?
Very early in earth's history
Which greenhouse gas accounts for about 95% of the greenhouse warming?
water vapor
The pre-industrial (holocene) level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere:
varied significantly as shown by the study of stomata in the leaves of plant fossils
Regarding changes in temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere:
temperature changes before carbon dioxide
Which of the following is NOT true regarding the response of plants to rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

-The yatir forest is gradually expanding into the desert
-Plants use water more efficiently
-Plants do not respond in any way
-Plants grow better
"Plants do not respond in any way" is false.
T or F

There is good correlation between changes in solar activity and changes in earth's climate.
Which of the following is true about computer climate models?
They do not accurately model past climate history.
The climate history of the earth shows that
The earth's temperature and the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere have varied a lot and have varied independently of each other
Anthropogenic global warming
-not a proven fact
-c02 does not appear to be a main climate driver
-geologic history suggests only natural cycles
Oil and gas reserves are sufficient for:
more than 500 years
We have sufficient coal and resources for
more than 500 years
Currently and for the last 50 years, about __% of our energy comes from fossil fuels
Reserves are:
discovered deposits that are economically recoverable
Which type of hydrocarbon spills are the largest?
Natural seeps
Does western coal have a high sulfur content?
Which of the following is not true about the nuclear power industry?

-We have abundant uranium fuel ready to use
-we have only 4 operating mines
-we have only 2 ore processing plants
-there are environmental restrictions
We have abundant uranium fuel ready to use
During the maximum advance of glaciers in the present age, glaciers covered what % of the northern continents?
The present ice age started about
2.4 million years ago
Which of the following applies to an alpine (valley) glacier tha advances over a period of many years?
Accumulation exceeds wasting
What shaped cross-valley profile is typical of valleys eroded and deepend by alpine or valley glaciers?
Which one of the following could not have significantly affected climate variations and advances and retreats of ice sheets during the Pleistocene?

Variations in the sun's energy output
Precession of the earth's axis of rotation
MOvements of earth's tectonic plates
Changing of the ellipticity of the earth's orbit
Movements of Earth's tectonic plates could not have significantly affected climate variations
Approximately how long ago did the last of the great North American ice sheets start to melt?
14,000 years ago
Where is the world's largest ice sheet located today?
How first developed the idea that small cyclical variations in the Earth-sun distance and in Earth's polar tilt were responsible for short term climate changes and glaciers
___ are erosional features that are produced by alpine glaciers. They look like amphitheaters.
____ are depositional features composed of till and only produced by continental glaciers.