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What are the main areas of Earth Science?
Oceanography, Meteorology, Astronomy, & Geology
What is the problem with all maps?
The world is round, and a flat map distorts the real representation.
What is a Mineral?
a naturally occuring, inorganic crystalline materials w. a unique chemical composition.
What are the propeties of minerals?
Color, Chrystal form, Luster, Fracture, Density, & Cleavage.
Why is soil erosion rates faster today than in the past?
They are faster today because homan activities that remove natural vegitation have greatly acceleratted erosion.
What is the theory of plate tectonics?
That the earth is made up of plates that are constantly moving and shifting.
What is/are the lays of superposition.
That the layer underneath is older than the layer found on top.
What are some advantaged and disadvantages of hydroelectric power?
Advantages: You gain a lot of energy from a source without pollution. Dis: You must flood a good chunk of land to form reserviors & dams can break
What are nonrenewable and renewable resources?
Renewable, means they can be used more than once. Non-Renewable means they can only be used once.
Where does sea floor spreading occur?
At a divergent plate boundary
What are greenhouse gasses?
Are gasses that are causing our atmosphere to stay at warm temperatures.
What is the doppler effect?
It is the apparent change in frequency of electromagnetic or sound waves cause by motions of source & the observer.