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What is a rock?
Mixture of minerals
What is the oldest ocean floor in the world? How old?
300 million. Oldest ocean in Atlantic? 200 million years.
Four ways which an earthquake can cause damage?
Tsunami, Fire, Displacement, Landslides, direct seismic shaking.
How many seismographs you need to triangulate an earthquake?
Which layer of the Earths interior is the thinnest?
What’s the difference between weathering and erosion?
Weathering is breaking it down, erosion is moving it.
What are the two Hawaiian names for volcanic rock?
Pahoeho a a
How long ago did the big bang occur?
15 billion years ago.
. What are three main causes for volcanoes
Hot spots, converging plates, diverging plates.
Define positive feed back.
Makes process go faster, process works to advance it self.
What type of volcano is Hawaii?
Shield volcano.
Define Hotspot
someplace in the mantle where magma is coming up
Two ways organisms help to weather rocks (examples)?
Chemically-Algae or Bacteria invades crack of rock. Physical-Tree root grows through crack of rock
Define Tsunami-
Series of large waves caused by earth quake.
What type of volcano formed crater lake?
Coned volcano
What type of volcano formed crater lake?
Coned volcano
What boundary type is not associated with volcanoes?
Define Subduction-
When an oceanic plate is forced beneath an other plate.
What is the most effective way to enlarge cracks in rocks?
Frost wedging.
What did the Solar System likely start out as?
Cloud of gas and dust. What theory is that. Nebular hypotheis
Define Earthquake
Sudden release of built up strain. Where can we get earthquakes? Anywhere.
Define Epicenter
Where the earthquake occured
. What causes a protosun to become a star?
Define Differentiation-
The process that turned the earth from looking like the moon to the snazzy planet we live on today.
What is our best theory on how the Solar System formed?
Nebular hypothesis
How old is the Earth
4.5 billion