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Why are male leopard Frogs growing eggs?
Small doses of Atrazine
Area around a river that periodically floods?
Flood plain
Define weather
State of the atmosphere at a given time and place.
Why are Beluga whales getting cancer?
Chemical cocktails
What happens to temperature as you rise up in the atmosphere?
It usually gets colder
At what temperature do objects emit radiation?
Any temperature above absolute zero
The Sun sets on the North Pole.
September 22nd
Sun rises at Northpole?
March 22nd
Summer Solstice
June 21st
Why is the amount of water in the soil important?
Water holds the soil together
Define wavelength
Distance between two peaks of a wave
Define Greenhouse Gas
Let sunlight in, traps Earth’s radiation, so Earth heats up.
Define albedo
How much of the suns energy is being reflected by the surface.
Everywhere has 12 hours of daylight
sep 22nd and march 22nd
Define climate
expected patterns weather in a given time and place
What happens to pressure as you rise up in atmosphere?
Always goes down
What are the three ways energy is transferred?
Convection, Conductoin, radiation
What causes the seasons on Earth?
Earth's tilt
Why lower sperm quality in men in the Midwest
Combination of farm chemicals
What is meagner using to clean up mercury?
The Sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer.
Summer Solstice June 21st
What is the most powerful greenhouse gas?
Water vapor
Define angle of repose.
Maximum angle you can form with sediments
What is left when a meander is cut off?
Ox bow lake
The two primary gasses of the atmosphere
nitrogen, oxygen
The six elements of the atmosphere that constantly change
pressure, temperature, humidity, precipitation type and amount, cloud type and amount, wind speed and direction.
What are the 2 motions of the Earth?
Rotation about its axis, and revolution around the sun
What are day lengths doing between Christmas and new years eve.
Getting longer.
What does Robert Michard believe is causing cancer in Belugas?
chemical cocktails
What is Sylvan Deguise testing that non one has tested before
combinations of chemicals
What is likely causing the destructive outbreaks of crown of thorn on the Great barrier reef?
Where does Tierney thys believe the mola mola are picking up toxins?
Closer to the shore