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Neap tides
very high low tides, very low high tides
sptring tide
very high high tides and very low low tides
why is the sun's gravity greater than the moons?
bc the sun is larger
flood tide
change from low to high
ebb tide
change from high to low
doesnt change
does the moon revolve and rotate at the same or different rate?
when does a lunar eclipse occur?
when the sun, earth, and moon are in the same plane
what causes a lunar eclipse?
the moon is behind the earth and the sun casts earths shadow on the moon
during what phase of the moon does a solar eclipse occur?
new moon phase
why does the moon have impact craters?
it lacks an atmosphere--meteorites do not burn up
how long does it take the moon to completely cirlce the Earth?
27.32 days (about 30 days)
how many degrees latitude does the moon cover per day?
why is the moon visible?
light from the sun reflects its surface
how many days does it take to go through the complete cycle of phases?
29.5 days
a region of shadow in which all of the light has been blocked
only part of the light is blocked, so the light is dimmed but not totally absent
time difference between high and low tide
6 hrs
time difference between high tide and next high tide
12 hrs