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how long does it take for the earth to rotate once
23 hr. 56 min.
whats the earth's tilt
it tilts at 27.5
in what direction does the earth rotate
west to east
how long does it take the earth to make a revolution
it tkaes 365.25 days
what is a perihelion
the closest point in earths orbit to the sun
what is a aphelion
the furthest point in earths orbit form the sun
is the earth a perfect sphere?
why is it not a perfect sphere?
becuase is buldges out at the equator
why does it bluge at the equator?
centrifical force
why do we have seasons?
becuase the earth tilts to the sun at different times in its revolution, making the sun shine on different parts of the earth at a time.
when is the summer solstice
wat are things about june 21
1. winter in the southern hem.
2. 24 hours of darkness in the south pole
3. 24 hours of light in the north
4. zenith is on 23.5 north [tropic of cancer]
5. days start getting shorter, nights longer
when is the winter solstice
wat are things about dec.21
1. summer in the southern hem.
2. 24 hours of light in the south poles
3. 24 hours of dark in the north poles
4. zenith is over 23.5 south [tropic of capricorn]
5. days getting longer, nights shorter
when is ther vernal equinox
name things about march 21
1. even day and night
2. aenith over the equator
3. first day of spring
when is the atumnal equinox
sept 21
name things about sept21
1. even day and night
2. zenith over equator
3. first day of autum
how many time zones are there
how wide are each timezone
15 degrees
what are the metric prefixes
what do kilo hects deca meter deci centi mili mean?
wat is the metric unit used for wieght
wat is the metric unit used for length
wat is the metric unit used for volume
how do u calculate your weight on the moon
divide by 6
wat are four features on the moons surface
craters-curcular indentations
rillies-long vallies
marias-dark regions symbolizing bodies of water
highlands-mountainous terrain
wat is the tempature on the moon
is there weather on the moon
describe the moons orbit
it has an eliptical orbit
define apogee
furthest point in moons orbit from the earth
define perigee
closest poin in moons orbit to the earth
ho wlong does the moons revolution take
27.3 days
how long does one rotation take
27.3 days
why do we only see one side of the moon
becuase as the moon rorates it it also revolving
what are the four moon theories?
the daughter theory, sister theory, capture theory, most accepted theory
explain the daughter thoery
a piece of the earth was knoced off and formed a moon
FLAW: can't explain the differences in earth and moons surfaces
explain the sister theory
earth and moon were both formed of gas and dust
FLAW: can't explain different rock composistions
capture theory
a rock was pulled into earths gravity
FLAW: another object is needed to bump the rock into earths gravity, never found
most accepted theory
impact know large amount of earth and it was caught in earths gravity
FLAW: none
what happened on wiht the moon in 1959
first photographs were taken of the dark side of the moon buy luna 3
what happened on wiht the moon in 1969
neil armstrong landed on the moon -apollo 11
beat the soviet to it
one small step for man, one large leap for man kind
what happened on wiht the moon in 1972
last lunar mission apollo 17
define gibbous
mor than half but not all
define waxing
define waning
define crescent
less than half bout not none
wat are the eight stages of the moon in order
1. new moon
2. waxing crescent
3. 1st quarter
4. waxing gibbous
5. full moon
6. waning gibbous
7. last quarter
8. waning crescent
what is a lunar eclipse?
the moon sun and earth are all lined up, the earth is in the middle, half the earth can see the eclpise cuase it would be night in half the world
what is a solar eclipse
the moon sun and earth are all lined up , the moon is in the middle, only a small part of the earth can see this becuase the moon has such a small shadow
define umbra
in an eclipse, the blackest part of the shadow casy by the earth or other body in space
define penumbra
in an eclipse the partail shadow cast by the earth or other body in space
explain how a lunar cycle takes 29.5 days if its revolution takes 27.3 days
a sideral month 27.3, a synodic month 29.5

becuase the earth contuintes its orbit and it takes an extra 2.2 days for the moon to catch up wiht the earth.