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Who was the first president of the United States?
George Washington
Who were the followers of Hamilton?
Where was the first inauguration?
New York
What did Washington with other presidents?
They were all generals.
What did George Washington say to call the president?
Mr. President will do nicely.
What were the first four cabinet positions?
Secretary of State
What were the first four cabinet positions?
Secretary of Treasury
Who helped Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence?
John Adams
What were the first four cabinet positions?
Secretary of War
In 1794, the federal government's right to tax was challenged by what incident?
The Whiskey Rebellion
What were the first four cabinet positions?
Attorney General
The principle of overwhelming force established by George Washington was to use ____________?
More troops than really need.
Where did the Lewis and Clark Expedition start and conclude?
St. Louis Missouri and Oregon
Who was the first Secretary of State?
Thomas Jefferson
Another example of where the principle of overwhelming force was used is ________?
Desegregation of school system in Little Rock.
Did the first three Presidents of the U.S. feel that being President was the most important thing they had ever done?
What did Thomas Jefferson serve as during the American Revolution?
Governor of Virginia
What was the official name for the Lewis and Clark Expedition?
Corps of Discovery
What famous thing did Lewis and Clark establish?
The Oregon Trail
Who was the first Secretary of Treasury?
Alexander Hamilton
What was the best thing George Washington ever did?
Keep America out of European affairs
Did Jefferson and Hamilton agree on their visions for America?
Did not!
Who was the second President of the United States?
John Adams
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
How long did the Lewis and Clark Expedition take?
2 years
Who was the founder of the University of Virginia?
Thomas Jefferson
What were Jefferson's visions for America?
Small farms
What was the second president's profession before he became president?
A lawyer
Did Jefferson come from a poor background?
With what did Jefferson double the size of the U.S.?
The Louisiana Purchase
What did the Lewis and Clark Expedition establish?
That there was no Northwest Passage - no water route
What was Hamilton's vision for America
Where did the second president attend school at age 15?
Harvard University
Whose vision are closer to today's reality?
What made the second president infamous in Colonial Boston?
Defending a British soldier who was involved in the Boston Masacre.
He made this purchase from whom?
The French
Who was the founder of today's Democratic party?
Who were the followers of Jefferson?
Where did Jefferson attend school at age 16?
William and Mary College
How much was this purchase?
15 million dollars
Who explored the Western part of the U.S., going all the way to the Pacific?
Lewis and Clark