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Was Walt Disney interested in art as a teenager?
The development of agriculture meant.....
people were no longer limited to food they could find or hunt
What could be an artifact of early peoples?
Stone arrowhead
What is an artifact?
A man-made object
What is a clan?
A group of related families brought together for a common purpose.
What location was the most favorable for growing crops and raising livestock?
A river valley
The first animal that was domesticated by early people was probably the.....
the dog
As clans grew in number,what did they do?
Migrate to new areas to find food
A time line shows events which happen during a certain period of time.
What does Domesticate mean?
To control plants and animals for people's use
When was a clan able to devlop a division of labor?
When the clan had grown in size to about 50 members
After early people began to farm, they wanted more land, that led to.......
conflict between clans
What is a nomad?
A person who moves from place to place
How old was Walt Disney when he produced his first Mickey Mouse film?
What does culture mean?
Aunique way of life that sets a group apart from other groups
What is migration?
Movement from place to place