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When did people learn to use fire?
between 500,000 years ago and 1,400,000 years ago
How did fire affect the way early people lived?
With fire people could move to areas that had cold climates. Also they could cook their food.
When did people learn to grow food?
Eleven thousand years ago.
How did farming affect the way early people lived?
They were no longer nomads so they could have a bigger variety of jobs.
When did people develop the wheel?
3500 BC
How did the wheel affect the way early people lived?
With the wheel trades could be loaded into carts and pushed to the city to the market.
When did people make tools from bronze?
3000 BC
How did bronze affect the way early people lived?
Since bronze was harder than copper it had more uses - weapons, tools, helmets & shields.
How did farming & raising animals change human society?
Allowing people to stay in one place, creating food surplus.
How did the growth of population change the growth of human society?
People could specialize in other jobs.