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Who were the very first Europeans to ever sail to North America?
The Vikings
They were expert sailors from northern Europe who came over 500 years before Columbus.
Where was Christopher Columbus trying to go when he discovered the Americas?
The West Indies
He called the native people he saw Indians because he thought he was in what part of the world?
What islands did Christopher Columbus land on in North America?
Bahama Islands
It was the land of the Taino. He named one of the islands San Salvador.
Name 3 important things that Columbus brought with him and introduced into North America.
Sugar, Horses, European Diseases
One of these things was very important to the Plains Indians as they hunted the buffalo. One was a food item, and one was a bad thing.
Name 2 things that Columbus took back to Europe with him from North America.
Potatoes, maize (corn)
These were 2 very important food crops that Europeans adopted quickly into their diets.
Which Spanish explorer conquered the Aztec tribe in their city of Tenochtitlan?
Hernando Cortes
It took him 2 trys, but he wanted the Aztec's gold and he got other native tribes to help him.
Which Spanish explorer was the first to sail all the way around the world?
Ferdinand Magellan
He took 5 ships with him, and even though he died in the Philippines, one of his ships made it the rest of the way home.
Which Spanish explorer traveled up into SW United states looking for the 7 cities of gold?
Francisco Coronado
He never found his gold, but he was the first white man to discover the Grand Canyon.
What is an encomiendas?
a large piece of land (including several Indian villages) that Spain gave to conquistadors to control
It's a Spanish word for land.
What is today's name of the city that was built on top of the ruined Tenochtitlan?
Mexico City
It is the capital of the country of Mexico.
Who was the English explorer who tried to make a settlement at Roanoke?
Sir Walter Raleigh
His name is now used for the name of North Carolina's capital.
Which Dutch explorer is famous for searching for a Northwest passage?
Henry Hudson
Both a river and a bay are named after this explorer.
Where was the first permanent English settlement in North America?
Jamestown, Virginia
John Smith was the leader. He was saved by Pocahontas. The settlers learned to grow tobacco.
Where did the Pilgrims settle?
Plymouth, Massachusetts
They wanted to land in Virginia, but were blow off course by a bad storm.
What were the rules called that were signed by the Pilgrims?
The Mayflower Compact
These are considered one of the first attempts of governing themselves made by the colonists.