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Marco Polo
Explored China and brought back new products to Europe.
Prince Henry
Ran a school to teach navigation in Portugal.
Bartholomeau Dias
Sailed to the Southern tip of Africa
Vasco da Gama
Sailed around the Southern tip of Africa all the way to India.
Christopher Columbus
Discovered America in 1492.
Amerigo Vespuci
Declared that the new land was a new continent.
Vasco de Balboa
First European to see the Pacific Ocean.
Ferdinand Magellan
First to circumnavigate the earth.
Hernando Cortez
Conquistador who conquered the Aztecs.
Francisco Pizarro
Conquistador who conquered the Incas.
Ponce de Leon
Explored Florida looking for a Fountain of Youth.
Hernando de Soto
Explored Florida looking for the seven cities of gold.
Francisco Coronado
Explored the Southwest
Junipero Serro
A missionary priest who establised missions in California.