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auricle and pinna
visiable ear, collects sound waves
ear wax, protects ear
sprial shaped organ of hearing, contains a membranous tube, the cochlear duct-which is filled with fluid that vibrates when sound waves are transmitted by the stapes
Eustachain tube
ear to throat, equalizes pressure in middle ear
external audiotory canal
ear canal carries to the pinna to the tempanci membrane
incus, malleus and stapes
ear bones
organ of corti
delicate hairlike cells that pick up vibrations of fluid and transmit them as a sensory impulse along the auditory nerve to the brain
pathway of hearing
pinna-external auditory canal-typanic membrane-ossicles(mis)-cochlea-auditory nerve-brain
semicircular canals
3 structuresin inner ear that contain liquid set in motion by head and body movements
tympanic membrane
ear drum, seperates outer and middle ear